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Temporary and Freelance Talent on Demand

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About Alifery

Alifery is a Software as a Service (SaaS) technology product, a white-labelled freelancing platform for use by temporary and freelance recruitment agencies.

It means you’ll have a ready-made yet personally branded platform (i.e., with your name, logo and content) which can only be used by your clients and candidates.

  • Offer an alternative and more flexible resourcing solution for their clients
  • Provide project based and temporary work to their freelance/temporary talent
  • Keep both their clients and their talent within their ecosystem
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Benefits to Your Recruitment Agency

Potential to radically increase overall group revenue.

Provide a cost-effective solution to your clients

Clients/talent are retained within your agency’s ecosystem

Meet a need by offering a new service to your existing clients/talent

Save agency time by offering a self-serve model for clients

Enhance your existing brand as a technologically progressive agency

Alifery for your clients

Benefits to Your Clients

Top Talent on Demand

Clients have 24/7 access to your vetted pool of freelance and temporary candidates.

Fill Operational Gaps

Your clients can quickly scale up their teams without increasing employee headcount.

Time Saving

Clients only receive applications from highly specialised and skilled candidates who have the relevant experience and qualification

Cost Effective

The self-serve model translates to flexible fee solutions and savings on recruitment fees.

How it works?

How Alifery makes your work easier!


All Clients and Candidates register by creating an account on your personally branded platform.

Not only are Candidates required to detail their work history when they register, but they’re also required to submit professional documents that support their CV. All Candidate claims must be verifiable by you via the platform.


Clients directly submit project briefs to the platform which detail their job needs, budget and scope of the work requiring completion.

Once a project is posted, the platform automatically recommends pre-vetted and approved Candidates with the experience and skillset for that particular project, and then notifies these Candidates by email about the new job posting.

Candidates can also search a curated selection of existing jobs using the Search section within the platform.


If a Candidate wants to apply to work on a project, they submit their job application to the Client via the platform and their profile and CV is automatically sent to the Client.

Your Client can then connect with the Candidate within the platform, review their proposal and agree on terms.


Clients and Candidates communicate within the portal to streamline the process and keep information secure. How they collaborate is up to both parties and might involve one-to-one conversations, video calls or even site visits.


To ensure the platform retains high calibre Clients and Candidates we’ve built in a review system. At the end of each project, both Client and Candidate can choose to review and rate each other.

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